Wright-Dunbar Community Development

The mission of Wright Dunbar, Inc. is achieved in the following ways:

  • Promote the brand of the Business District as a family-friendly, safe lifestyle destination creating a ‘sense of place.’
  • Initiate activity that makes the public aware of the district’s multi-cultural and international acclaim among which are the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park, The Aviation Heritage Trail, the Paul Laurence Dunbar House, and the Miami Valley’s Walk of Fame Program.
  • Develop programs and activities that engage the public to participate.
  • Promote and improve the aesthetic quality of the district.
  • Build upon existing asset based community development efforts by developing a system that allows the public to receive information that can enrich and/or empower their lives.
  • Promote the legacy of the area to regional and statewide tourist audiences.
"Our community development efforts initiate activity that makes the public aware of the districts' multi-cultural and international acclaim..."

Community Events